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Pickup truck SLEEPERS, additional SEATING for your Pickup truck, CAMPING in your pickup truck & ADDED STORAGE for your pickup truck

You can choose from three types of sleepers: Cab Hi, Over The Cab (DOT) and the Road Runner. The Cab Hi looks like a box and is the same height as your truck cab (22" above the bed rails). The Over the Cab (DOT) has the most room (37" above the bed rails) and has a fairing over the roof for aerodynamics. The Road Runner is shaped like a wedge that permit smooth airflow over your truck and increased inside height for seating or sleeper.

We sell the DOT sleeper in package deals to save you money and meets all the DOT guidelines for a sleeper berth.


We have CONTRACTED A TEAM to install your Sleeper or Topper (unit) onto your truck for a fee of $500-$700 and can usually be done in 1 day. Sleepers that are mounted on flatbed or chassis could take 2 days to install. You bring your truck to us and plan for 2 day install.

Measurements for frame to bolt your sleeper to: measure from top of truck cab down 26”. That is the height of the 3” angle iron frame. Frame is to be same measurements as the sleeper being mounted (ex: DOT 33" x 82”) Frame must be 1” from the cab.

 You can choose to install your own unit. We can crate and ship the unit to your location along with installation instructions and supplies needed to self install. There is a shipping and handling fee as we make the crate to ship to you.



If you chose to have TV mounted, electric lights, USB or sockets wired into your unit, we can handle that. Just let us know when you place your order. We also cut holes for your AC/heat units if you chose that from our options list. We recommend for small AC/heat units.



CUSTOM PAINT: Currently all sleepers and toppers are finished with a white gelcoat then primer, ready to paint. Custom paint is CONTRACTED OUT and based on the cost of the paint itself, we can give you an estimate. Approximately $700-$1400

DOORS: 24' X 24' or walk in doors (36" high)

WINDOWS: in the doors, on the side or on the back (tinted)

MATTRESS: custom made to fit your sleeper

LIGHTS: dome lights can be battery or wired. Brake lights are required & wired to your truck brake lights

STORAGE UNITS: fit inside your box bed or larger one to fit on a flat bed or chassis

SEATING: jump seats and bench seats can be added to the storage area (seat belts required).

AC/HEAT: we recommend box type unit that can be mounted to your sleeper and will require your own power source