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Ranch Products

 With the Brisk AC w/heater, 4-110 volt plugs, and circuit breakers which can be put on any of our units like, Mrs. Basham who takes her home grown vegetables to the market.

Notice controls in roof and circuit breaker on left this unit also has glass door. on sides {Windoors}.

Notice the electric outlet plugs on the lower right of the topper.


The 82" X 33" X 36" Cab hi sleeper with bottom Compartment.


We can create custom molds to bring your items to reality, for you to sell online or out of your local business.

We do custom fiberglass work and Custom molds are no problem just call us and let us help you. (817) 293-9100

Here are just some of the custom jobs we have done.

Toyota Tundra with Custom Sleepers